Lance Simmens for Malibu City Council


 Lance Simmens

Lance Simmens


Principles over Politics

it would be a great honor to serve the citizens in Malibu

Following a forty-year career in public service, I know the importance of citizens having trust and confidence in the institutions and leaders that shape their community. Today that trust is being severely tested from world capitals to city halls. We must restore civility in our dialogue and integrity in our elected officials. The public good must always come before special interests.

We can successfully tackle complex local issues such as homelessness, traffic congestion, land use, development, education, and environmentally sensitive issues that challenge our Malibu way of life. 

I have served in Federal, State, and local government policy positions that span a wide range of policy issues. In 1993 I established the first Office of Sustainable Development in the Federal government and my career has been governed by an environmental ethic that is resolute and unwavering. I fought fracking at the State government level and developed urban policy for the nation’s cities.

I have written two public policy books and published over 700 articles. I will bring this considerable policy expertise and experience to our City Council.


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